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Leader in the lifting sector in Senegal, Codex SA is also very active in the field of transport.
Thanks to a multidisciplinary team expert in lifting engineering and QHSE, a proven know-how and a mobile workshop, Codex is able to adapt and meet your needs with a preliminary study and a lifting plan.

In these various fields of intervention, Codex has been able to equip itself with technicians, local and expatriate operators with proven complementary skills for a reliable and quality local service, adapted to each of its customers.

Codex SA currently owns a fleet of 65 different machines including two self-propelled telescopic cranes of 450 tons (LTM 1450-8.1 and 300 tons (GMK 6300L).

Moreover Codex has a workshop equipped with more than 8.000 m² of surface and mobile workshops allowing to intervene quickly on the building sites for any need of maintenance of its equipment. 
With this mobility, this unique adaptability, some interventions can take place on your site at a distance from our workshops.


For many years Codex SA has put its customers at the heart of its preoccupation and is committed to offering you a service that best serves your expectations.

Codex SA has the largest fleet of mobile cranes for rent in Senegal from a lifting capacity of 20T up to 450T.

  1. Central purchasing office specialized in manufacturer partnerships
    Official distributors :
    SIEMENS – SMC Pneumatique France – Pepperl+Fuchs – Delta Electronics.
  2. Frequent visits of manufacturing engineers to our customers
  3.  Automation Maintenance Services

Partnerships with wholesalers in order to find you all types of spare parts in the best conditions.

Our trading activities are managed independently by our company Codex Négoce which you can consult by clicking here.

Contact :

Phone : +221 33 822 60 48

Adress: 40, Avenue Jean Jaurès X Carnot
BP 560 – Dakar, SENEGAL

CODEX SA has a fleet of more than 30 tractor-trailers with various couplings to meet the needs of its customers. In particular, we have semi-trailer platforms, 50T and 80T tank carriers, and tanks for the transport of powdered products.

1. Oversize transport
2. Powdered transport solution
3. Conventional transport on semi-trailer 
4. Transport of Public Works equipment.

CODEX SA has in its fleet of road sweepers adapted to any industrial site and road application. CODEX SA can boast a historical collaboration in this sector with the company DULEVO S.P.A. for which we are the official leader in Senegal.

Automated high speed lane sweeping.

Rental of equipment

Forklifts and Aerial work platforms

Codex SA has a large fleet of forklift trucks and a wide range of aerial work platforms.

  • 01 DIECI 3T Rotary Telescopic Carriage
  • 06 Telescopic forklifts 3/4T (DIECI, TEREX, MERLO)
  • 01 7T front forklift
  • 02 12T Front forklifts
  • 01 Aerial platform 42m
  • 02 Aerial platforms 21m
  • 02 Aerial platforms 16m
  • 02 Scissor lifts 10m


Codex SA evolves with fifteen (15) flatbed trucks of which tank carriers.

  • 25 Tractor-trailers
  • 25 trays of 12 m
  • 02 Doors Chariot 70T
  • 06 Bulk tanks 30/50M3
  • 03 Trucks Crane 5/7.5T
  • 02 Sweepers DULEVO 5000/3000


Longest viaduct in West Africa (1,000 m).
Mission of Codex SA : provision of all the lifting equipment necessary for the installation of the steel structure (cranes, forklifts and gondolas).
Year of achievement : 2016
Customer : OMBA Impianti Engineering

The largest engineering structure in West Africa (3,500 T of steel structure). Mission of Codex SA : provision of all lifting equipment (cranes, trolleys, gondolas) and technical teams for the management of assembly work to welding through the assembly of the structure.
Customer : Barbot (FAYAT group)
Year of implementation : 2017-2018

Installation of the Taiba N'Diaye Wind Farm (PETN) which is the first public utility wind farm in Senegal. By 2020, it will provide 158.7 megawatts of clean, reliable energy to more than 2 million people.
Mission of Codex SA: provision of mobile cranes and forklifts for assistance operations and service to high-capacity cranes.
Customer : WIND 1000
Year of achievement : 2019

Prefabrication platform for the BP Grand Turtle / Ahmeyim project.
Mission of Codex SA : provision of mobile cranes and forklifts.
Customer: Eiffage Marine
Year of achievement : 2020

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Head Office : 40, Avenue Jean Jaurès X Carnot BP 560- Dakar, SENEGAL

Workshops : Route de Bargny | Sococim quarry entrance